Monday, December 20, 2010

Where are my pills?

Ok, I must admit that I am really laughing at myself. Why? Because I really think that I am beginning to act my age because I have missplaced something and don't know where the heck it is. Our 17 year old daughter said that I am just getting old and that very well may be true, but getting old is mandatory; growing old is optional. Ever so often I may get a headache and I will need an aleve to quickly get rid of the pain. My daughter also needs one right before she starts cramping. So she came to me and said, "Mom, I need an aleve bad." The first thing I would do is just reach for my purse and give her one.

I started reaching in my purse and digging and digging. You would have thought that by the way I was digging that I was digging a grave. So I emptied everything out on the bed. No aleve! Hmmm, where are my pills? I thought to myself. I sat for a minute and pondered and tried to think that maybe they were in another purse and I hadn't changed everything out. I just sat there. Our daughter then exclaimed, very loudly I must say, "MOOOOOOMMMMM, I NEED AN ALEVE!!" Oh wow, Cruella Deville has just been released out of her. I calmly said, "Hun, I don't know where my aleve's are and besides, Jesus dealt with pain." I sort of kind of think that was not was she was hoping to hear. "MOOOOMMMMM, I AM NOT JESUS!"  Was she yelling? Bah humbug, nahhhh, she was just in pain. But it didn't help either when I burst out laughing. It was like she was the devil and any minute she was gonna say that her name was Legion, meaning many devils.

She asked me if I was trying to torture her. I really wasn't, however, that was a good idea. But I really do declare that I didn't know where my aleve were. She said, "Mom, I think that since you don't have cramps that you like me to be in pain." Nah, I would never wish pain upon anybody, except...........nah, just kidding. But I told her that if I wanted her to be in pain, then I wouldn't be sitting there trying to find my aleve. She said she was just kidding though about that but needed some relief. I told her that she may have to take some advil or midol or pamprin and I already know that she has tried them and the only thing that works for her is an aleve.  Poor child. I have gone through other purses and I guess my aleve just got on a reindeer and jumped ship and left. Oh well, off to the store I go to get another bottle.....and I just bet that just as soon as I go and buy some, the other ones will show up.

Lovingly yours,

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  1. I recently found out that ginger works miracles for headaches! I don't usually get them, but the CHANGE is bringing about some serious changes in my body and headaches is one of them. I sprinkle a teaspoon of ginger in hot tea and's gone!