Monday, May 24, 2010

Somebody, please hand over your fan

We went to hubby's school reunion in Laurel, MS and I tell you the dog gone truth, it was so hot, it was just miserable. I'm not even talking about the weather outside. We were inside a building with about 270 people and when we walked in, I already knew this was not going to work. The minute our feet stepped inside this building, sweat found a new home. I thought that maybe someone had just turned on the air and that it would get cool in about twenty minutes or so. When I say, it was hot.....that is merely an was HAWT!! I felt like Nelly when he said take off all your clothes, but them old geezers would have had a heart attack from all this sexiness.

Hubby was busy socializing with folks he hadn't seen since he left the school in 1967 and I look across the room and he is dripping sweat like it was in style for a day. I glanced around the room again and there were two of them fans like they have in auto body shops. One was on, the other was not. I was like, "what in the world!!" I looked in my purse and found a handkerchief that one of my friend's sons had given me and it surely came in handy. As people entered the room, the topic of conversaton was this dog gone heat. I finally caught a glimpse of hubby and motioned for him to come here. I asked him is the air working. Hubby said, "What air? There is no air." the heck we didn't take a 3 hour ride just to be in a non AC building. Them folks really should have been ashamed of themselves and the event was going to last 3 days.

If the committee knew it wasn't no air, then maybe they should have rented a building that did. Not to mention it was just as hot outside so there was no need for me to move myself out there. Every person that was there had some type of napkin wiping their heads or a made up paper fan. Not even drinking that cold bottle of water made it any cooler. One man got sick from the heat and had to leave. I could have stayed home if I had known about this heat. Some of the people were sweating through their shirts while others looked as if John the Baptist had just brought them up from the river.

Lovingly yours,


  1. You went to some event last year in MS and mentioned how hot it was in the building. Next time, instead of taking a purse, just carry one of those portable fans in your purse. LOL

  2. Or you can wear one of those big diva church hats! LOL! Jokes aside, Lil Lady's school doesn't have AC and the way she describes how hot the school is is quite something..."hi mommy! ugh! it's hot as sweaty balls in here. hate this place!!!!" is one of many like it.

  3. That's my old stompin' ground. Just 18 miles up the road from my beautiful Bay Springs! Last year on July 4th, it was a beautiful 109 heat index. Today was only 85 in Chicago...and I turned on the a/c!

  4. i bet u wish you had on a dress that stopped where your drawls ended.. i am surprised u didn't go turn the other fan on