Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pit Stop

As I was sitting in my office, an instructor came in and wanted to see the boss but she already had someone in her office, so he said that he would wait out in the hallway for her. At the same time, I received a phone call and it was another building wanting me to come over for something. I just popped my head in the door way of my boss and told her that I needed to go over to Building 7 and I'd be right back. When I walked out in the hallway, I thought I was gonna be overtaken by skunk spray. The instructor that was waiting had let out odorous funkadelic  a fart that was so overwhelming that in an instant, I thought I was going to pass out right there.

Nooooo, pass out is an understatement. I may have needed a funeral director because I really thought I was going to puke up my own lungs and just die. I couldn't get outside fast enough. I would have rather dealt with the 90 degree weather than this. It didn't make any sense for no grown man to smell that hideous. He acted as if nothing happened. When I did get outside, I let out a deep breath and then I breathed in, then breathed out again. I felt like I was in a waiting to exhale moment. I wasn't gone long to the next building but when I came back, I was hoping Mr. Gassy was gone and he was.  Peppie LaPou has left the building!!

Lovingly yours,


  1. LOL...You know what I thought about? That post you wrote about how you were so full of gas because of something you ate. Seems like your building may be full of gas. LOL

  2. Eeeewww, that surely can't be healthy whatever is going on in his gut! ;0S