Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's hard out here for a pimp

When we were coming home from church this past Sunday, something unusal happened. There is a little boy who lives down the street from us and no matter how many times we pass by, he always throws up his hand and waves if he is outside. This particular Sunday, he waved and instead of hubby just waving back, he stopped and verbally spoke to the little boy. The boy's father was outside as well and told the little boy to stop bothering us. Hubby said he was no bother. The little boy wanted to know where we were coming from and hubby said we were coming from church and then asked the little boy if he goes to church. The father joined in the conversation and said, "Well we go to church sometimes, but he (pointing to the little boy) has autism and ADD and just can't sit still."

Hubby says, "Oh that's alright, cause some of the other children at church can't sit still but if you bring him to church, he will learn." The father shook his said and said that hubby was right. Hubby then mentioned to the father that we will be having Vacation Bible School in June and wanted to know if his son could go with us. The father was hesitant and said that he didn't know because he didn't want his son to get someone and not sit still. That was his main concern. The little boy was saying, "Please dad, can I go?" The dad said he would think about it and let us know, and no sooner had we drove off to head home, our daughter told hubby, "You ain't nothing but a church pimp." Hubby said, "A what?" She repeated, "A church pimp. See you always want folks to come and join us at church. If they want to get to Heaven, I'm sure they know the way."

Silence...........Where in the world did she get this? I couldn't help but laugh inside because it was more funny at how she said it than what she said. Hubby then said, "I guess I'd rather be pimping for the Lord than not pimping for Him. Laughter......more laughter...... and we went on home and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Lovingly yours,


  1. WOW! I'm sorry, but I LOVE your daughter's phrase. You know I think a little against the grain, so I gotta share... I thought how pimps market their women and don't care a little bit about their purpose and value. THEN I thought about those out there 'pimping the church' and not caring a BIT about Jesus. Girrrrl, this is a BOOK! LOL!

    Love it....and no, I'm not calling your husband a church pimp...your daughter did. LOL

  2. LOL thats cute. I haven't been to Church much because of my son with Autism too so I get where the dad is coming from. Next time you see him give him this link if he's online maybe he can find some support. It's a special needs Ministry Parents Network called Snappin' Ministries: http://www.snappin.org/

  3. What a funny, but apt response your daughter had. We all have tactics we use to get solicit someone for whatever activity it is. I call resume submissions/interview corporate prostitution because we're essentially getting gussied up to sell ourselves to the highest bidder. Stop laughing; I'm just sayin...LOL!

  4. Too Funny! He's pimping for the LORD! Hey, that's a tshirt logo!