Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

I was in the bathroom about to take a nice relaxing shower when a bang came at the door like it was somebody coming over to borrow sugar. I yelled from the door, "WHAT" because I knew it was one of the children. It was our 16 year old daughter saying we had a problem. I inquired of her to tell me what the problem was. She was speaking and said, "Mom, our internet is down." Ok I understood what she said, but I know she didn't nearly tear down my down in my calm and relaxing moment to tell me the internet was down. Yes, that's exactly what she said.

I said, "Child, if you don't go somewhere and leave me alone...." What happened before there was internet? In our home, we were just thankful the day my dad walked into our house with a typewriter. We thought we had struck gold. We get so reliant on our modern technology world that our children would just go ballistic if they had to survivie without a few things. Here in FL, we experience hurricanes and just imagine that when the lights go out, our kids wouldn't even think to pull out any candles. They'd be like, "oh no the lights are out, what are we gonna do now?" I wonder if they even know where the candles are.

I wish my cousin Pam would jump on over to my blog so she can relate that when we would go and visit our grandparents in Philadelphia, MS, especially in the summer, there was no AC. We had to go and take our tails and go under a shade tree with that glass jar of ice water that once held mayonnaise or jelly. Your other choice was to sit in the swing on the porch and look out the screens, just so the bugs wouldn't eat you alive. When we ate watermelon, forget sitting at the table. They ran every grandchild out the door under the shade tree. And at night, we slept with the windows up, listening to crickets chirp and eventually sleep just crept upon you. I even remember when they had an out-house before . That was like the worst thing ever to go outside at 1:00 in the dog-gone morning at a freezing temperature, and for your behind to get on this ice cold toilet just for a little pee.

I remember the Dewey Decimal System just as plain as day. Children today would be like, "The what? Who is Dewey?" Geez! The cell phone was not an option. We actually mailed letters to people and put a stamp on it. Back at my grandparents house, you could put the letter in the mailbox, place the change for the amount of the stamp in the box, put the flag up and the postman would come by and put the stamp on the letter and mail it. I wish I would do that now. The postman will take the change alright, and then put on your mail: "RETURN TO SENDER" or "INSUFFIECIENT POSTAGE."

When we were in elementary school, maybe first or second grade, my teacher made sure that we knew how to tell time and we had to learn it from an analog clock, not digital...AND...we had to learn our multiplication chart...oh my bad, our times tables. We actually had prayer in school and the pledge of allegiance was definitely a must each morning. We didn't talk to our friends for like 2 days if we got upset with them, nowadays, these fools just bring guns to school and shoot anybody standing in their way.

After I finished showering, I went in and just reset the internet button and our daughter exclaimed, "You can do that!!" They think they know but they don't have no idea.

Lovingly yours,


  1. LOL
    You are a mes... the times are different now. Internet is the thing!

    I feel helpless without it sometimes, If I'm lost I pull out my gps on my phone (internet), If I'm trying to the find a number, I pull out my phone or google it (internet) and I much much more!

  2. that's right them how the old school get down..don't forget finding payphones to call. i hate having a cell phone..if i didn't have a child no one would be able to locate me

  3. Girl - I remember that porch swing (and the bench) like it was yesterday! Wow, you're right. We have become (or at least our kids) have become so dependent on technology. For this very reason, mine are spending a lot of time outside this summer. Go dig for worms, ride your bike, build a fort, pick berries - something! I even remember being huddled around the black and white 13in tv and Grandma and Grandaddy had to watch a show. It was so fuzzy, it was more fun to play outside!

    Hmmmmm, maybe we should disconnect the internet at our house and see what creative things my kids can come up with?

  4. Just as the season changes, so does the time. It's a shame, but they sure missed out on some wonderful times!

  5. I totally feel you on this technology now days. The internet/email went down one day at work. People were like what are we going to do? I would respond with we will do what Charles Ingalls did when his internet/email was down. I don't think most of them knew who Charles Ingals was. He got into the wagon or walked over to the neighbor's house and told them the joke of the day in person.