Thursday, April 22, 2010

Age ain't nothing but a number

Most people don't have a problem handing over their keys and their cars to their teenage children. I am one who has a problem. First and foremost, our 16 year old is just not responsible enough to get into my car. Not gonna happen. She wants to drive, but is too lazy to bust a move when we tell her we gonna get up early in the morning on a Saturday and take her. She says she wants to sleep and will do it later. Well, later, I am busy doing something else. How in the black eyed peas she says she can be responsible for a motor vehicle and can't even keep a room clean? Bah! Humbug! So I throw Matthew 25:23 in her face and tell her that if she is faithful over a few things, she will be ruler over many. I asked her how she gonna be able to take care of my stuff that God has placed me to be in charge of when she can't even take care of her own stuff. She says, "Mom, do you have to have a scripture for EVERYTHING!!. OMG!!"

So someone asked me how is our 16 year old suppose to get around to places? My reply was the same way she been getting around: either I or hubby take her and go pick her up. So 16 year old says to me and hubby that she WILL know how to drive by the time she is a senior, which is only a few months away. Learning how to drive is one thing, having my car is another. She said that when she starts her senior year in August that she'll have to drive my car to school because seniors don't ride the bus to school. I will tend to beg the differ right now. I asked her how will I get to work. She said, "Mom, I have this figured out. You see, I get up early, take you to work, then drive to school, then come back and pick you up from work and we go home." I'm sure you would love to hear what my answer was. I said, "The devil is a liar." She is gonna be right on the that big yellow bus. So wave to her if you should see her.

So 16 year old comes to me again and says, "Mom, since I will be 17 next month, I was wondering if I still have to go to Bible Study and church. Can't I just say when I feel like going?" (PAUSE FROM ME). ANSWER FROM ME: Heck to the N....Heck to the O. What in the world!!! And you know the rest....As long as you live in this house.....So the next question was, "Mom, so when is my curfew on a school night?" I asked her where did she want to go. She says, "Oh I just want to know." Yeah right. So I just laid it out on the line for her. I said, "See, since there ain't no reason for teenagers to be out on a school night anyway, and that wherever you and your friends decide to go on a weekend, you can get it all done before 10:00 at night." GASP FROM A TEENAGER! Her reply, "Did you just say 10:00? But Mommmmmmm......" My reply, "Anything that can't be done before 10:00, and don't make me change it to 9:00, don't need to be done. You will have plenty of time to do whatever it is you trying to do when you get out my house."

And I said, "Don't make me find another scripture to go with it." She said yes ma'am and went on in her room. I had to tell her that just because her friends do things doesn't mean she is going to do it. My thing is with this driving situation, when she finds a job she can then pay for her own insurance. I'm not trying to go broke just to satisfy children. I'm not trying to be my children's friend. I am their mother. They will get over it and then live to tell about it too.

Lovingly yours,


  1. That's right..."the devil is a liar!" Teenagers are something. My oldest is 12, and I already see the teenage years flash before my eyes. And what I see is not pretty.

    My son wants to start driving right now. Let's forget the fact that you're twelve for a minute, and concentrate on how you can't even keep your room and bathroom clean. Show me some responsibility, and maybe I'll take you out for a spin...on the riding lawn mower!

  2. I dread the driving's 17 here but I think they may make it 18 soon...fingers crossed.
    I haven't had to deal with curfews either as we live in the middle of nowhere so they have to be driven..everywhere!
    Love your new look and a belated Happy Blogversay. xx

  3. Loved this post! I'm having similar issues with my 17 y.o. daughter. How many times have I said, "Driving is a privilege, not a right?" Teenagers are a trip, I tell ya...

  4. She sounds like my soon-to-be 16 year old.

  5. lmbo..i know that is right. i was laughing cuz i could see 16yr old talking and i could see your face. like what the world. it's so funny she had your routine planned out for you..

    as long as you live in my house you will abide by my rules.. i remember my father saying that to me when i was 17..when he came home i was all moved out..but ofcourse my situation was different...he wanted me to quit my job because he said it was making me too independent..

    tell 16yr old if the bus doesn't work for her i am sure NIKE will do the trick

  6. ROFL...tell it like it is, Queen Bee!