Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Year Already ~ Bloggervarsary

Somebody tell me this isn't true. Somebody, anybody...what in the world has gone on? I'll tell you what has gone on...a freaking year has passed by and life still went on. I can hardly believe that I've been blogging for a whole year. Isn't that like totally amazing? I am so thrilled. We should throw a party with ribs, shrimp, pasta salad, those cheddar biscuits that are at Red Lobster, some Red Diamond sweet tea. Ok I must stop it, I'm making myself hungry and I only have two dollars on me.

Just think about last year this time when hubby had his quadruple by pass surgery. I was one year younger this time last year. People have passed on, others have been born. I am still employed (THANK YOU JESUS) and right before our eyes, nothing stopped. People kept on making it do what it do. It's amazing how one year can change someone's life either for the good or for the bad. Friendships have been torn apart, marriages have been broken up, marriages have been taking place, children have graduated college and high school, children have entered school for the first time in thier life, people have retired, people have gotten their first job, houses have caught on fire, houses have been built, offices have gone green, someone lost weight, others have gained weight and I could go on and on and on about things that have taken place over the span of a year; and yet, I am still here thankful for my blog and my readers and followers, and of course my family, my friends, my hubby, my kids, my church family, my in-laws and the out-laws.

Just a few days, not too long along, I wrote an e-mail to my dear friend, LaVender telling her that I could not get into my blog. It was something I was playing around with and ended up with a new template from another site that would not allow me to write; it would not even allow me to log in. She managed to calm me down with a reply telling me how to go and do something and then do this or that. I was saying to myself, "Is it that serious that I can't blog?" Yes, it was that serious to me because I enjoy writing and this is my way of expression and I enjoy it. I actually enjoy blogging and reading other people's blog as well. (I really need to finish up this book I've called myself writing for the past two years.) So here it is in a nutshell, one year has come and gone and even as I'm writing, time is yet still ticking away. Thank you for your loving support. I'll be available to autograph your things immediately after the show.

Loving yours,


  1. Congrats.. I really enjoy reading you. I look forward to reading you in the near future.. i will take a 4lb lobster

  2. I'm glad that at some point during that year I stumbled across your profile and blog, and my days are better because of it.

    Happy Anniversary.


  3. Happy Happy Blogoversary!!!! Many wonderful posts to come!

  4. Awwww Shucks! I missed it, but the celebration is for this entire year, right? Happy Anniversary!! I feel special because I was at the birth (smile).