Tuesday, July 19, 2011

She is on the phone!!!

I know I've blogged a few times about this lady I work with named Sarah. She has a very nasty attitude and I have tried to be patient with her numerous of times. She just comes into the office and demands to see the boss with stupid stuff. As she walks into the office, I say, "She is on the phone" but that does not stop Sarah, she just walks in there and starts talking while my boss is on the phone. The boss has to put up her hand to let her know that she will be with her in a few minutes. Sarah just stood at the door waiting on the boss to get off the phone. I said to Sarah, "I will have her to call you when she gets off the phone.".....She just stood there.

So I told my boss that the very next time that Sarah come bustin up in here like she the incredible hulk or something that I was just gonna shut her door because I find it very rude that someone is standing at your door while you are on the phone and listening to every word you say. My boss told me to do what I had to do and that she didn't mind one bit. That's all I needed. I was ready for Sarah now.

Sure enough, about two days later, here she comes and sure enough my boss was on the phone. So once again I said, "she is on the phone" and Sarah seemed to ignore me and stand there and I said once again that the boss would call her when she was done and she still stood there as if I was invisible and I calmly got out of my chair, walked right in front of Sarah, closed the door to my boss office and calmly took my tail back to my chair and continued to type. Sarah gasped! And oh no she didn't put her hand on her hip and I turned and gave her the look as if to say, How you like me now...and then turned back to my computer monitor and continued working. Sarah didn't like that at all and I said, "I told you that she was on the phone, now what can I do for you?" She walked away. When the boss came out of the office, she smiled, gave me a thumbs up and said Good job!!!


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