Monday, June 27, 2011

What's in a title?

I work as an Administrative Assistant at the college but that is just a title, that is not who I am. My name is Barbara. Simple and to the point. A lot of people use titles as if it is suppose to change who they are, make them sound smarter or to be distinguised by their peers. This is actually my first time mentioning what I am about to say: My boss came to me about a few weeks ago and told me that beginning July 1, that my title will change from Administrative Assistant to Senior Administrative Assistant. I said, "OK" and kept right on working. She was in awe that I didn't seemed impressed or even grateful and indeed, I am grateful to God for allowing that to happen but when she told me, it wasn't like I became a new person because yet, I am still Barbara.

She mentioned it to me again and I said, "Thank you" and still kept right on working. She asked me if I was excited about having a different title and I told her that people seem to let their titles get to them and that is how they are introduced as Dr. so and so, President so and so, Honorable so and so and that they tend to lose focus on who they really are and I told her that I didn't want that to phase me or change me. She said she never thought of it like that. I want to stay focused on what I have to do, because just as easily as it was given, it can be easily taken away. My boss went away learning a lesson that day. I haven't even mentioned this to my family because I don't want them to make it more than it really is. In the end, I am still Barbara.

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