Saturday, June 4, 2011

...on turning 18...

Our daughter just turned 18 this week and I really believe that the very instant that she crossed the threshold of 17.999 into an 18 year old, that somewhere in her crossing that she bumped her head and all the gushy brain matter instantly seeped out. It must have seeped down the street, and then went around the corner but it was far from my house. The night before she turned 18, our daughter asked me if she could go with a friend girl of hers. I asked where was she going and she was like, "Mommmmmmmm, I'm going to celebrate my 18th birthday." I was like but WHERE are you going? She proceeded to say they would be going to the mall to "HANG OUT." That answer wasn't sufficient enough to me so I started to ignore her while her beating around the bush answer was not fitting well with me.

She said to me that if she was turning 18 that she should be able to go where she wants to do. (IN MY CALM VOICE....) I said, you are right. 18 year olds should be able to go where they their own house. I told her that turning 18 doesn't make you grown nor does it make you an adult, it just means you went to bed at 17 and woke up at 18 and should be thanking God for that transformation and for another year. (18 YEAR OLD SIGHS!)

I told her that whatever it is that she wants to do that there will be plenty of time in her life to do that and that just because she turned 18 doesn't mean that I'm suppose to let up on my rules at the house. I told her that being "grown" comes with maturity, not with age.....and somewhere in that cranium, I think she is going to get and by.

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