Sunday, June 5, 2011

Precious, priceless moments of time

I just really love the way our church celebrates education every year. It is so amazing to see the little children being promoted into the next Sunday School class and get their certificates and then stop to get their pictures taken. It is always a proud moment to see the little ones with their caps and gowns on who are going to kindergarten and then to hear the excitement of the next age group who are going to first grade. These are indeed priceless moments. Today, our 15 year old son got promoted to a higher Sunday School age group and then our 18 year old got recognized as being a senior of 2011. It was a special celebration today because one thing aboout getting older and moving on, is that they will never come back to this point in life.
All we will have hereafter are priceless memories that can only be cherished. It was more special that my parents got to come and see the first grandchild celebrate education and will be here to see her walk across that stage to get her high school diploma on June 7, 2011 (two days from now).

Here is a picture of my mom helping our daughter get her collar ready on her gown.

We may experience this when our son graduates high school in 2014, but we will never be able to experience how touching it was for my mom to help our daughter get ready. Our daughter, who, in August,, could hardly wait for school to be out, said, "Now that it is over, I wish I could do it again." WOW!

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