Saturday, June 4, 2011

Laughter is good for the soul

Hubby heard about this website that gives away free stuff. Hubby then asks me to go to the website to see what they were giving away for free. It sounded like some kind of hoax but I went to the website anyway. As I was going to the website, I asked hubby what was he looking for as a free item and he said that whatever they were giving away, he wanted it. So again I asked hubby what if it was something that we didn't need or couldn't use....hubby said that it didn't matter and to just get it for free just because it was free.

So off to the website I go and the freebie was.....................................a free condom. You know how you ponder to yourself and put your finger at your head hoping that some lightbulb will go off instantly????? Yeah, that was me when I saw the free condom and I said to myself, hmmmm, hubby is 62 years old, what the heck is he (we) gonna do with a condom....and before I could finishing thinking to myself, I found myself putting in his name to get a free condom. I can hardly wait for the mail to bring it.....his eyes will pop out of his head and I'm gonna be ROTFLOL, really loud. Whew, I'm laughing from the mere thought of it. Somebody pray for me......right now. LOLOL

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