Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Embarrassing Moment

Hubby and I were at CVS to pick up his medicine. I told him I was gonna sit in the car while he picked it up but he asked me if I would come inside with him and so I did. We walked to the pharmacy to drop off another prescription and decided to just wait for it. While we waited, we browsed a few magazines until his name was called.

To the pharmacy we go and since neither one of us had any cash on us, I pulled out my debit card from my mini wallet to pay for hubby's medicine. As I pulled the card out, a tampon falls to the floor. I didn't see it at first until hubby told me that something fell out. I looked down to the floor and there it was, an O.B. tampon still in its plastic. Hubby looked at it like he didn't know what it was and I said, "Oh, my tampon!" It was an embarrassing moment but I wasn't the one who was embarrassed, it was hubby.

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