Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are you afraid of your children?

Some people do have a tendency to be afraid of their kids. I'm not one of those parents who are afraid to tell my children what they need to hear instead of telling them what they want to hear. Here is the scenario. It's Wednesday night and 13 year old son is off with his friends so 16 year old is home with us. We were threatened by a hurricane earlier this week so that left the children home from school for three whole days. When we asked our daughter if she had any homework and she said yes, we told her that it would be a great idea to get it done on Monday since there would not be any school until Thursday, that way she could have it already out of the way.

Well when it was time to get ready for mid-week service, I told her to go ahead and get her stuff ready for church. She says, "I don't see why I have to go to church." That didn't even bother me because as long as they live in my house, they are getting up to go to church. And yes because I said so. So she is sulking around the house because she has to go to church. I pass by her room and I see her trying to get out homework so I back up and ask her how come she didn't get that done on Monday while she was out of here we are about to leave for church and she is getting out homework. I don't feel any kind of remorse because not only did she have the entire weekend to do it but an excess of an extra three days. She must have thought that I would change my mind but I didn't.

When we get to church, she thought she would hide in the bathroom in order not to go and be with the other youth...interesting, I was right at the bathroom door when she walked out and she then asked, "What are you doing here?" No the question is, what are you doing here? I know teens would just love for us to give in to everything they ask or everything they want. Sorry not me. Heck, I'm an adult and don't even get to do everything I want. She is walking with her arms folded but you know what, that doesn't even phase me. I'm not afraid to tell them to do this or do that or my opinion in how they look. There are days when both children look like bums and I will tell them so. I am not afraid if my children grow up disliking me because if I know that I've done what I was suppose to do and do it in love, then I know I've done what I had to do.

Loving yours,


  1. Your one tough cookie, but your right! They'll grow up to respect you and i think your doing a great job i wish i was a little more forceful with my girls x

  2. Hmmm...I missed this post and I know why. My blood pressure just went up. Good job, Mama.