Sunday, January 22, 2012

The water company is not my friend

I was getting ready to turn on the water to take my shower when I heard the water turn on in the other bathroom. I knew it was our daughter because hubby wasn't home and our son had previously taken a shower. I finished with my shower, got out and dried off and put some lotion on my legs. All the while, I can still hear the other shower going in the bathroom. I have often emphasized, especially to our children, that I am not friends with the water company and they are not giving me any special discounts on water either and that they should try to conserve water and to use it wisely cause they sholl ain't helping to pay no water bill.

Well after I was coming out of the room, I still could hear the water running and so I walked down the hall to the other bathroom and slightly opened the bathroom door and called out my daughter's name and told her that it is not taking her that long to get cleaned and that once again, I am not friends with the water company and she needs to shut the water off.

Our daughter answered back and this is what she said, "Oh, I had to get out of the shower and take a poo and I decided to just leave the water on while I did my business cause I knew I had to get back in there" My reply, "Duh, then turn it off when you get out and then turn it back on when you get back in." When she came out of the bathroom, I told her that she had better not do that again while living in my house or else I'm gonna have to charge her a utilities rate. She asked me if I was serious and I said that I can show you better than I can tell you.

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