Friday, January 6, 2012

Miss Piggy is on the loose

I was being a hog, a pig, a porgy, a piglet or whatever you want to call it. It was just something inside me that felt that I had to go and devour.........hold up, I am getting ahead of myself. Let's slow this down a bit. It all started the day that Burger King gave away those free fries, the new fries. And I am not even a fry lover like that, but I told myself that when I found myself a lil change that I was going to go to BK and get me a large fry and just gobble them up. Sure enough, I scrounged around and found a lil change in the car and off to Burger King I went for lunch. I didn't want anything except them fries. I came back to work and just sat in the parking lot and devoured them fries. As I was reaching into the bag to get myself another fry, they were gone. I wanted more fries. I had to have more.

I told myself that I had to get me more fries, so on the next day, there I was digging in my purse for yet more loose change. Yippee!! I got it, and now I am going to get myself two large fries instead of one. As I sat there eating those fries, I began to get full and when I looked in the bag, I had tons of fries left. Whew! I took a sigh. I knew right then that my head had gotten bigger than my stomach. That was it, I don't even want any more fries for a while, no potatoes, no hash browns. Just thinking about it makes me wish I can go and get my money back. I will admit that I was being a pig and yes those fries were delicious, but it only takes one lesson to learn from.