Friday, January 20, 2012

I just know what I like

Hubby normally makes good burgers on the grill. So when he mentioned he was putting some on the grill last night, I was eager to get home and taste those delicious smoky burgers. He normally fixes my plate for me but instead he said that I should come in the kitchen and fix up my bread how I want it. No problem! We like to do burgers the old fashioned way with regular sandwich bread, so I dropped two pieces of bread in the toaster to slightly brown it, slapped a small amount of cracked pepper mayo on both pieces of bread, placed my lettuce, tomato, onion and provolone cheese onto the bread and then placed my hot juicy burger off the grill onto my bread.
I have a habit of cutting my burgers down the middle just to see if it is cooked to my liking, and so once I cut it down the middle, it wasn't the color I liked it, so I mentioned to hubby that he must have been in a hurry with my burger cause I don't do the pink thing at all. If that is what some people like, yoohoo for them, but for me, I like to have it cooked all the way through and probably darker than my skin color. Hubby said that he wasn't rushing and why did I ask him that. I told him I see some pink in my burger and I can't eat it. Keep in mind that this burger is all fixed up with the fixings. Hubby said that he will put it in the oven and let it cook some more, even though the fixings are on it, he don't mind it being crispy. He then takes the other burger that would have been his burger and go and puts it back on the grill to let it cook some more. (I didn't ask him to do that) So as he is doing that, our 15 year old son says to me, "Mom, you are spoiled." I didn't know if he was saying that to be offensive or just being funny, so I said, "I didn't ask him to go and put the burger back on the grill, I just said I couldn't eat it."

Our son then says, "Oh no, I meant you are spoiled in a good way." He said that for hubby to go and put it back on the grill means that he is trying to please me. I smiled. Our son, (15, almost 16) said, "That's good, I like to see that. I am taking notes for the future." I said, "Son, your mama just knows what she likes." And his reply was, "No, the Queen knows what she likes." I was touched.

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