Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Facial Expressions

Hubby has decided that he wants to grow a beard. I personally don't care for all that hair, but it's him. He is already 62 years old and I have told him that when he shaves, for the most part, he either looks his age or sometimes younger. But with all this facial hair growing, he kind of looks like a grandpa. The one thing that would make this grandpa-ship complete would be to go and get a rocking chair and put on the front porch. He asked me to rub my hand against his face and it felt like a cactus was chasing me. He asked me to tell the truth and say that he is sexier growing a beard. I was silent because I really can't tell him that. He knows I want him to just break out any minute and pull out the razor and make it go away.

I can write all this about hubby because I told him the same thing. He looks like the boy who cried wolf, but instead he is the wolf. Our 15 year son peps hubby up telling him that growing the beard looks nice but I tend to beg the differ. Just because I deal with it doesn't mean I have to like it. I am so looking forward to seeing shaving cream.

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  1. Hubby had a beard when we married. Sexy, sexy! He shaved it a few years into our marriage. I was not a happy camper!