Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Key points

The lady across the hall from me lost her office keys. My office keys were on my desk and so she just walked over and grabbed my keys without asking. I said, "Excuse me, where are you going with my keys?" She said that she was going to go and unlock a few rooms. I looked at her like she was crazy because she knew good and well what I meant which was, "don't just come in here grabbing my keys without asking." She said, "Oh I'm sorry, I figured you didn't mind." But I do mind.

See, the principle isn't that I would mind her using the keys, the principle is that I am responsible for these keys and if she already lost hers, I need to know where my keys are at all time. Not only that, don't just be coming up in here grabbing my keys off my desk. Day number two came around and I didn't have my keys directly on my desk, I had them around the corner of my desk where my computer was sitting and so once again, the lady comes into my office and didn't see my keys and said, "Where are your keys?" I replied, "Who wants to know?" She said that she needs them. Uhhhh excuse me, don't come in here telling me what you need of mine when what you need to do is find your own keys. I said maybe if you ASK if you could use them, then I might not have a problem with it. She said, "Fine! May I please use your keys?" And just because she said it with attitude like I got to it, I almost said no you can't. So I reached from behind my computer and gave her the keys.

When she came and brought me the keys back, she just placed them on my desk and walked away...whoa, whoa, whoa WHAT? No thank you! You are probably reading this and thinking to yourself, Duh, Barbara, they are just keys but they are not just keys. These keys can open some very important things around here and my thing is this: The scripture says that if you are faithful over a few things, then God will make you ruler over many.

Anyhoo, on the third day when I used my keys to open the office, the lady across the hall was just standing there wanting to know if I could unlock her office and I just laid it on the line for her that I may not always be here and that she either needs to find her keys or pay the fine to get them replaced. I know she is just avoiding paying the fine for lost keys but she is going to need them plus it says on the keys that copying is prohibited so that is why I can't make her a copy. So later on that day when I went to lunch, I took my keys with me and left them in the car instead of bringing them back in. Sure enough the lady comes from across the hall and looks around on my desk and I asked her what was she looking for, she said that she was looking for my keys. I told her that they were in my car and that I was not going back out to the car to get them, so this time she had to call security to open up the doors for her. A light bulb went off in my head, DUH, that is what they are here for....either call them or get replacement keys. I think she has backed off from coming in my office looking for my keys after that. Good, because she was getting on my last nerve!

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