Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deal or No Deal!

About a year ago, there was a free golf subscription just for filling out a survey and so I complied and got it for hubby, knowing my husband does not play golf nor had he even had an interest in playing golf. So when the first book came, hubby acted like he was all interested in this magazine and golf all of a sudden. Well the year is almost up for this free subscription and the golf magazine sent hubby this renewal subscription for 10.00, plus give a friend a subscription for free, plus a free bag.

So hubby mentioned it to me and I told him that we have enough bags at the house and that the deal was that yes, he find a friend to give the subscription to plus give the bag to the friend as well. Hubby said no deal and that he get to keep the bag. I did not like his answer. NO DEAL! I told him that adding another bag to the house is just stacking up on the junk that we already have and do not use. He CLAIMED he would use the bag, just like he CLAIMED he would use the other 15,999 bags....ok maybe not that many but it seems like that.

So I said ok, let's make another deal....I told him that if he gets to keep the bag that he would have to get rid of one of the 72,987 bags that he already has that is lurking under our bed and he agreed, but it was a slow agreement....but it was a start. DEAL! I WIN!

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  1. Very interesting, I'll check back to hear the outcome.