Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who are they?

If anybody finds THEY, would you please tell THEM that THEY are wanted all across America. The students come in my office and when I ask if I can help them, the first words are: THEY sent me over here from Building 2. I said, "Who?" Reply: THEY....Me: "They who?" Reply: "I dunno."
I felt like janking one students chain when he came in with the same line and I said, "If you can't tell me who the heck they are, then you need to go back and tell them to give you a name." The student just looked at me like he wanted to break down and cry. So I said, "Look, just suck it up, you in college." Sounds mean, but I don't know how many times I hear that in a dog done day.  They said......, who gives a care what they said when I don't even know their names?

I will tell you who I think they are. THEY are the ones who can't find a job because THEY are always in somebody else's business. THEY are the ones who sit back and wait for you to fall just so THEY can go back and talk about you to THEIR friends. THEY are the ones who are always up do-do creek without any toilet paper.  THEY are the ones who want you to think they are going somewhere in life but is still sitting on the pot; either take a crap or get your tail up. THEY are the ones who talk a good talk, but ain't got balls enough to back it up. THEY are the ones who will cuss you out in a heartbeat but can't spell unemployment. THEY are the ones who will lie, cheat and even steal the draws off your behind. THEY are the ones who keep having babies after babies just because some guy said he love them.

The list could go on and on, but I don't deal with messy folk and I don't deal with them THEY people either. As Melanie Fiona sings, "give it to me right, or don't give it to me at all."

Lovingly yours,

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  1. What if THEY don't agree with you? Will you ever be able to approach THEM?