Thursday, June 3, 2010

Face Breakout

I decided to use a new cream on my face. I had seen it on television saying what Ambi Fade Cream could do and that it would diminish black spots. Well back in the 4th grade, I had chicken pox and it itched like crazy and no matter how much your parents tell you not to scratch and no matter how much calamine lotion was applied, I had to scratch, so I was left with  a few black spots. The spots never bothered me growing up but from seeing this commercial, I just felt that it was worth a try to use this cream.

The directions said for me to use it twice daily and I did, when I noticed it was making my face worse than better. You know you hear people say that things will become worse before it gets better, I thought that about this cream. I had all these finer bumps come on my face like it was heat, and then what seemed like a burnt spot here or there and it itched.  Hubby mentioned to me that he thought it was something I was eating with acid in it. He inquired if I had drank orange juice and I said I had not, because I didn't realize I was allergic to orange juice until welps started breaking out on my arms....and this didn't happen until a few years ago in my adult years. I didn't have one single problem drinking orange juice when I was a child.

So hubby said to me that whatever it was that it was breaking my face out. I told him I was using this new cream and wondered if that was the cause of it. He said he didn't know and for me to read the ingredients in the cream. When I read it, one of the ingredients was alpha hydroxy acid. I showed it to him and he said that he was asking in a loving way for me to please stop using the cream and see what happens. I stopped using it immediately after using it for 10 days and after I stopped using the cream, my face started healing. The bumps have disappeared and the burn-like peel spots are also healing.  Hubby said that my face may have been sensitive to the cream and that I could use it on my legs or something.

I'm not downing Ambi Fade Cream, it just didn't work well with me and it may work well with someone else. My face is not itching anymore and the beauty in me just keeps on shining through. Forget them black spots, they will just have to stay.

Lovingly yours,

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