Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What does Christmas feel like?

Not only have I seen statuses on facebook that say it doesn't feel like Christmas, but I've heard it from other people that just because it has been raining or it is not cold, they say it doesn't feel like Christmas. THEY say that it's not Christmasey enough. What the heck are they looking for then? Is Christ not Christmas? Is Christ not Love and Joy and Peace? Are THEY looking for materialistic decorations or an abundance of gifts or maybe even a tree?

So I pondered the question and asked myself, "Well, what does Christmas feel like?" Since we were not there when Christ was born, we can only imagine what Christmas must have been like to a woman who gave birth to a child in a place where animals called their homes, on something such as hay that animals called their food. There were no fancy decorated trees with dangling and sparkling bulbs, there were no strings of lights covering the entire stable where Jesus was born, there were no big screen tv's to unwrap and no keys to a car. There were no wreaths and mistletoe, no eggnog and no wine, and especially no jolly guy dressed in a red and white suit.

But one thing that was there was a Savior who had tons of love to give, so that we can try to be a better people. Too much emphasis is being put on what they didn't buy or how much they can run their credit card up to. What gift have you given Christ? Correction...what gift have you given Christ before December got here? What about Christmas in January, February, March, April and the other months in the year? So to me, it was already feeling like Christmas a long time ago. I don't know what THEY were talking about. Get with the program.

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  1. Great post, I agree with you on every single point. I have even used the term myself, when I was much younger..."that Christmas feeling". I'm glad I lived long enough to learn better. Thanks for the insights.

    I just dropped by to say Happy New Year. Hope you have a blessed 2012!