Saturday, December 17, 2011

All I want for Christmas

My hubby and children has asked me what do I want for Christmas. I keep giving them the same answer which is that I do not want anything and that I have all I need. They say no, what do I want???? Let me put it to ya this way, mostly anything I want that I can afford, I just go and buy it myself. So there isn't really anything I want or need. I am content. Christ is Christmas and Christmas is Christ every day of the year. I can't think of one single thing for them to buy me.....but then I thought about it....I do want something but it doesn't cost one single dime, only a little time....can I have a clean house for Christmas? I mean, can all rooms be cleaned, can the mirrors have a smidgen of windex and can the floors be swept, mopped, and vacummed? Can that black ring around the children's bathtub disappear and can someone, any one of the two will do, but can somebody pick up that piece of tissue on the floor that fell behind the toilet? That's all I want, really! Or is that asking for too much. I already know their response in advance: Who's coming to visit us? Excuse me, I don't have to have people to come and visit in order to want the whole house clean, do I? Of course not. I just want it, simple as that.

Since all of us will be off for the next two weeks, it would be a joy to walk by both of the teenagers room and not see one piece of clothing on the floor or more than one pair of shoes waiting to be pushed into the closet, with one shoe on the floor edging its way under the bed while the other one is wayyyy across the room somewhere. Why can't both shoes sit together? And that is what really drives me insane....everything on the floor is merely inches from the closet. I wouldn't even mind if everything was just crammed in the closet out of sight.

Ok family, yall heard it straight from me. That is my list and I even checked it twice and ain't no need to wonder if I've been naughty or nice. I hope I get what is on my list. We shall see.

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  1. I hear ya! Let's hope Santa doesn't get sick from smelling cleaning products!