Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food for thought

At my home town church in MS, our pastor used to say that we are a peculiar people. I didn't understand that concept in my teenage years but sure enough as I got older, I knew what it meant. We like this but don't like that. We do this but don't do that and we eat this and we sholl ain't gonna eat there. We like certain people because of this and even don't like them because of that. Yeah you are even nodding in agreement. Another thing that stuck with me is this: what if we didn't have a choice and had to just deal with it just the way it is. Here is what I am getting at: We are having a Christmas potluck at work and each person had to bring something to share, whether veggies, ham, bread, or whatever--the entire building is suppose to join in. I asked one lady this morning what did she bring to the luncheon and she said that she didn't bring anything because she don't eat everybody's cooking and that she was going to O'Charley's to eat. I kindly said ok and as she walked away, I silently had these thoughts....

Ok, so you may not trust everybody's cooking but do you know the cooks personnally at a restaurant? I don't think so. Just because it was cooked in a restaurant, there could be some nasty chefs back in the back as well, doing all kinds of stuff. When you drive through a fast food place or buy only organic foods, how do you know that these foods are safe? I will answer it for you...YOU DON'T KNOW!! That is why you have to say grace over food and ask for blessings from Heaven. You don't know where your food comes from, whether you buy it from Wal-Mart, Target, Publix, it doesn't matter. You can even cook it yourself, it still doesn't matter because what if you bought something that was already contaminated and didn't know it. My point is this: I am not going to not go to events just because I don't know who cooked the food, and I may never know and I will continue to say grace and eat, drink(not alcohol) and be merry. Good Eating!!


  1. True...there are some restaurants where I have wondered about who was doing the cooking!

  2. I hate to be reminded of this, but you're so right...we DON'T KNOW! Yuck!