Friday, April 29, 2011

Surfin' USA

I don't know why Escambia County, FL decided that I and our children should be on separate spring breaks this year because we normally are. Well, I decided that since they were going to be stupid and do that, then I would just take off work the last two days that the kids were off to spend time with them. I already forewarned them that going to a water park was not an option and that I was working with very limited funds. The teenagers opted to go to the beach but they wanted to bring friends with them. I agreed. I would be the person to go and pick up their friends and drop them back off at home.

So off to the beach we go....and as we were going to the beach, we were gonna pass by Krispy Kreme doughnuts so I asked them if they ate Krispy Kreme and they all answered in excitement, so we pulled into the place where the hot doughnuts sign flashing will make you run into a tree. So I had my two children and two other children and they each got 3 doughnuts a piece. So off to the beach we go. The only rule was that if they couldn't swim then stay out of the water cause if they drowned, they would just be dead cause I wasn't coming in no water after that. They thought that was funny, but I declare I was not kidding. I had asked them what time would they be ready to go and they said around 5:00 and I told them they needed to meet me at the car at that time or they would be considered missing. They all were there with about two or three minutes to spare.

Afterwards, I took them to the park and told them to go and play....the looks on their faces were like, PLAY??? I said, "yeah go play" and my daughter's friend say, "but we are teenagers, we don't go PLAY!! I turned around and looked at her and said, "if you don't get your tail out of this car....." and that's all I had to say and then I made them to clean out my car for all the trash they left in there. I told them that if I could drive them to and from the beach and feed them Krispy Kreme, then they were gonna do something for me too.

They had the time of their lives and my kids even thanked me for taking the day off and making it fun for them. I'm glad I did it and I'm glad they had fun.

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