Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I feel like bustin' loose

As I got ready to take a bath, our 15 year old son went ahead and got a shower in their bathroom. (I really don't know how he and our 17 year old daughter can even stand to be in their bathroom - it looks like it has been invaded by the grinch who stole Christmas.) Anyhoo, our son went in their bathroom and I went in my bathroom. I could already hear the water running so I figured our son wouldn't be too long. I had finished with my bath and had dried off and even gotten my night clothes on when I could still hear water running.

I'm saying to myself that I know good and darn well that this boy ain't still in this bathroom bathing...he ain't got got that much to wash and he must don't know that we are not friends with the employees of the water company. So I was about to bust up in that bathroom and tell him to shut that water off but then I thought if I really wanted to see my 15 year old son dancing around in the shower like he was some kind of monkey. I probably would have scared the behoovers out of him and he probably would have peed in my face. That definitely would not have been a pretty site.

1 comment:

  1. Dancing is the last thing we'll find our 15 year old sons doing in those LONG showers they take. I think we both know what they're doing. GROSS!