Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deal or no deal

We are suppose to take a lunch here at the college, even if you do like me sometimes and go and sit out in the car and do homework. It doesn't matter if you play hopscotch or hoola hoop around the campus, your lunch is your lunch and one can do whatever the heck it is you want to do on your lunch. The deal is that if you don't take a lunch, that you can then leave an hour early on that day or another day, or however you and your supervisor have it worked out, but you can't work overtime.

Well, when my car had been out of commission for three weeks, I didn't take a lunch on any of those 14 days and not only worked through lunch, but didn't get to leave early either. So my boss and I had talked about it between ourselves that when my car got back up and running, that she wanted me to use those hours (along with lunch) and just take off at the end of the day each day until all my hours had been used up. She asked me if I thought this was reasonable and I said yes. To be clear on things, I asked her if I would be leaving at 3:00 everyday for the next 14 days instead of 4:00, she said yes.

When the beginning of the week came, I shut down my computer and was ready to leave at 3:00, then on Tuesday, then Wednesday, but on Thursday.....that's when the trouble came. My boss came to me and asked me how many more days did I have to leave early. I told her that I just started on Monday and that I had Thursday, Friday, and then all of the following week and then a few extra days to get to 14 days. She said that a few people had been asking why I was leaving at 3:00. I told her that it was none of their business and that she and I had discussed it. She then asked me to tell her again why I was leaving early. I gave her the look as if to say, "Are you for-real???" I said, "Remember when my car was down...." and that's all I got out and she said, "Oh I remember now." I asked my boss if it was a problem that I was using up the hours that were due me and if so, to let me know now. She said it was not a problem and that she just wanted to know what to tell people.....this is what I wanted to tell her to tell them, "Stay in your lane and let me do the driving in my lane and now here is a broom so you can sweep around your own door". But I said, "Tell them, you got this and it's personal and we have already discussed this." She said she didn't think about that at first.

Yeah right. My mind was saying that she felt that she needed to have a reason to validate things to others to make herself look good. You are the boss. Handle it. End of discussion.

Lovingly yours,

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  1. Oh my goodness, you had not even finished the first week and it was a problem - obviously. What you were supposed to say was, "You know what? I don't need to make up those hours. I'll just leave at 4 p.m. everyday, so you can look good and be happy."