Sunday, October 3, 2010

The ban has been lifted

Our 17 year old daughter has this really loud friend who just gets on my nerves every now and then, but she and my daughter are really good friends and enjoy hanging out with each other. Some time back, I let her friend come over and stay the night but then she wanted to come and try and disrespect me in my house. Oh heck nall! So I told our daughter that her friend would be banned from coming to the house for a minimun of 6 months until she realizes she can't come to my house and do what she may get away with at home. I am the same way when our son has friends over as well. Our house, our rules. I can't change our rules because someone else comes over, that would be unfair to our kids. When I say calm the noise down or whatever it may be, that's exactly what I mean.

Of course my daughter said it was unfair that I banned her friend, but I told her that I would consider letting her friend come back when she learned how to act when she comes over our house. I don't know if my daughter told her that or not but lately, the friend would tell my daughter to tell me hello whenever they talked over the phone. I said hello back. So our daughter and her friend have been working on the Senior Council at school getting ready for homecoming. They had to be at the school cutting and putting up decorations and such, so our daughter comes to us and said that her friend will not have a ride home one evening and wanted to know if she could come home with us and just stay the night. I agreed but told our daughter that she know how I am and I don't want no mess. She said that her friend has learned her lesson and won't do it again.

Sure enough, when hubby went to pick them up from school, they walked in and said good evening and asked how was our day. The friend was so respectful and mannerable and she wasn't as loud as she normally is. She came in and helped our daughter do this and that and was just a nicer person. As for as the ban........well it turned out to be 18 months when I finally let her back in our house.

Lovingly yours,

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