Friday, October 18, 2013

Cheaper ain't always better

I don't mind drinking water, but sometimes I need me some flavor to go in my water. So we had started buying those powdered kool aid packs that go in water. My favorite flavor is grape. But once you have had those powdered packs after awhile, they begin to clump up and it takes forever to shake that powder down to nothing in your water bottle. Well I ran across some Kool-Aid grape flavored liquid to add to the water. Oh my goodness, this stuff taste just like grape koo-aid with the sugar and all, except these were sugar free, or so they say. I could hardly wait to bring my bottles of water to work so I can drink my grape flavored water. Lo and behold, I ran out of the grape liquid and told myself that on my way home that I would just stop by the store and grab me another container of the grape liquid stuff. Since I was pressed for time, being that I had to pick up my daughter from work, I just stopped by Family Dollar so that I could grab myself what I wanted and then get out the store. So I looked on the shelf and they did not have the brand Kool-Aid like I had previously gotten at another store, so I just got the Family Dollar brand and it was a little cheaper than I was used to paying anyway. So I said to myself how interesting that I just got some grape liquid at a much cheaper price. My mind was all set on sticking to Family Dollar brand UNTIL......
I got home and got my water bottle and poured it in my water. OMG - that stuff tasted like liquid crayon. It just did not have the same affect (or is it effect) as the Kool-Aid grape liquid. So I squeezed a little bit more in the bottle and had my daughter to taste it. She said mom, you need more liquid. Heck, I thought if I had to keep squeezing more in there, that I really didn't get a good deal because now the store brand is gonna run out quicker than the name brand one. After I finally tried to doctor up the water, it tasted like medicine that you give your child for a fever. Even though I laughed at it, I know now that cheaper ain't always better. I'm going to the other store as soon as I get home to get the real stuff, cause this replica just doesn't cut it. I'll holla.