Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are you serious

Can somebody tell me why in the world would somebody send me a link to like their psychic page on facebook? Really!!! Let me just say that there is no such thing as a psychic. There ain't nobody in this whole entire world who can tell no dog gone future. If the Lord wanted us to have psychic capabilities, then he would have given them to us. He probably figured that we would not be able to handle all the things that would be thrown at us, and if we knew what was gonna happen, don't you think that we would be able to dodge every bullet.....or just wear that condom anyway if you knew you were gonna be a teenage parent.....or we would know exactly how much our check would be instead of looking surprised every time more taxes were taken out. If we could predict or see the future, don't you think that I would stop my car from being in an accident, I would be able to save all the children from child molesters, and even know what sermon the pastor is gonna preach.

So since we don't know the future and never, ever, ever the person who sent me that crazy mess.....go and sit your tail down somewhere. I bet they didn't see that coming huh!


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