Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are you hating?

As I made my way into work today, there are two ladies who sit near the entrance and every morning they never fail to say something to people as they are coming in the door. Sometimes it may be positive and sometimes it is not. Some days I wish that I could avoid them altogether. Anyhoo, as I came in dressed in a long skirt that is gray and black horizontal striped, my gray tank top underneath and my black jacket, the ladies look at me in awe as if they are checking a sista out. I see them looking so I stop to say good morning. The two of them reply with a good morning back. One of them says, "Yeah we checking you out and wonder where are you going looking all nice this morning?" Ok, I can see they are hating because it didn't really come out as a compliment, it came out all sarcastic like, WHAT, a black, volumptious, self-confident chic can't dress nice! This is how you shut down haters because this is what I said back, "Oh, this is my goal every morning to look as good as I can, and I'm going to do it again tomorrow" BAM!!! I just shut it down right there.  I could have lacked the confidence and apologized for being me and just fed into their morning conversation but I did not. You know it is always said that it's not what you said, but HOW you say it. So yeah they said it just like that, to belittle me, but it may have worked on someone else, but not me, not today. I left them speechless as I walked on to my office. Little do they know, when I get off work, I'm going home and I don't have anywhere else to go. I just want to look nice BECAUSE I CAN. Is that a problem?


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