Monday, May 20, 2013

Money don't grow on trees

I don't care for contracts for cell phones, mainly because if I need to get out of it for some reason, I won't feel like I am bound and have to give up a liver over it. Well once a month when we pay our bills, usually at the beginning of the month, we include hubby's cell phone on the bill list. Once we put minutes on it for the month, then he is set until the next month.

So for the beginning of May, we paid all the bills including hubby's cell phone. I am minding my own business at work when I get a phone call from hubby saying that he needs minutes on his phone. My immediate reaction is to have a change of tone in my voice, because I know good and darn well that minutes were put on his phone on May 3, and here it is just May 20 and he is talking about he need minutes. Hubby then went into child mode because my irate voice then said, "Minutes? Why do you need minutes when you got minutes on May 3?" Hubby's answer, "I don't know." If I had the ability to jump through the phone and shake him silly and then get back at my desk without anyone realizing I am missing, I would have done it.

I said, "You mean to tell me that you talked up a whole month of minutes in two weeks?" His reply, "I guess so." Ok I thought to myself this is not the time to be fussing with him and that I will get him when I get home. He then replys and says, "Well are you going to put more minutes on my phone or not?" No he didn't! Yes he did. I paused on the phone for a few minutes and thought to myself that my hubby has lost his mind. I said to him, "Who in the heck are you talking to where you can't use the house phone?" I didn't even give him a chance to answer. I said goodbye and hung up the phone.

I went on and put the minutes on his phone, but it is coming out of the money that I am supposed to give him. He is going around here acting like he is some teenager thinking that money grows on trees and that we have it like that. I can hardly wait until I get home, because somewhere along the way, he has lost some type of perspective. He hasn't called me back at work. I do not want him to right now. He made my blood boil calling me with that foolishness. I will talk to him when I get home.


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